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Worship Helps

Institute of Worship


For Live Support and Resource Helps from SDA Worship and Ministry Leaders.

Worship Planning Support


Presentation Software

Worship Services: Easyworship – presentation Software (PC only, some limitations for embedding video clips into the schedule).

Presentations: Prezi

Mobile Device Apps

isingworship – beautiful backing music with/without vocals that can provide instant music for a full worship sound. Perfect for smaller church settings where a band is hard to assemble, and for outdoor or small group (eg. beach baptisms). Simply purchase music to your mobile device (phone, tablet) and play via cable or bluetooth to a mobile speaker unit and you’re away! Comes with inbuilt lyrics as presentations, and the flexibility to skip or repeat verses and choruses.

Useful Hardware

A bluetooth speaker unit makes the ideal mobile sound unit. Bose Soundlink III is the admin’s pick – for under $400, is considered among the best quality and volume sound for groups of up to 100. Used for beach baptisms, Mission trips, singing practices, churches up to 100 in size etc.

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