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Imagine a church setting their world on fire!

Would you like your church become more engaged in sharing Bible themes with their friends using some of the excellent Literature resources that we have available?

Our SQ Literature Evangelism team is looking to partner with 3 churches in the Brisbane area (for now) in a new venture that is reaping results in other parts of the world.

What is the Glow in the Dark Challenge?

A One-month challenge (October 2016) for your church to personally give 2 tracts a day (not letter-boxing)

The LE Team will work with you and your church to:

• Plan a launch date in your church to engage your church members in a sign on

• Identify a local leader to assist you in the Glow in the Dark venture

• Provide simple training to those who sign on!

• Consider a follow up plan of Bible studies for new contacts

• Consider how your church might respond to some of the practical needs this challenge will identify in your community

• Celebrate your stories with you!

What will it cost your church?

Your church will need to provide funds for the tracts (you may already have a supply of these laying around!) The benefits far outweigh the costs – and you can hope to reap a whole bunch of new Bible study contacts over the next month!


Resister your interest 

by emailing SQ LE leader Sone Mariner at