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Tech Tips for Pastors

Tech Tips for Pastors

Online File Sharing - Google Drive Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms

Online File Sharing is an easy way to share various files with others. This application is well suited when your document sources multiple inputs, or is to be shared with several people eg. a roster, or a collaborative document. Google Drive is free, and allows numerous users of your choosing to access, comment or edit the files you share with them. Google Drive covers Documents (similar to Word/Pages), Slides (similar to Powerpoint// Keynote, Sheets (similar to excel/ Numbers) and Forms (allowing you to created forms and surveys and have the responses automatically tabulated for you.

Mac Calendars - Easily Create versatile Calendars and convert them to pdf with Ease

In Mac Calendars, you can easily create multiple / colour-coded calendars (e.g. Family, Worship, Pathfinders etc) that can be switched on or off. You can also print your calendar in Month/ Week & List View in pdf for easy storage, emailing and sharing via the print menu. Mac Calendar also gives you the option of what font size you would like to print in – small, medium and large.

Synchronise your Contacts across all your devices

By synchronising your contacts across all of your devices (using a cloud system like iCloud for Mac) you will save endless hours doing it manually. Each time you enter a new contact or  contact detail on any of your devices, it will automatically appear on the others as soon as they too are connected to the internet. This also simplifies the job of communicating with people – not only do you have all of their current details available on all of your devices, having up to date information makes for easy email, SMS and phone calls.

SMS your entire church family within a few minutes

There are several phone apps now available that allow you to set up an SMS database on your phone for easy group Texting. There are many similar apps to choose from however from experience, when Texting over 250 at a time, the app GROUP SMS! functions well, so long as the database is broken down into sub groups of about 40.  Please note that fees and charges may apply, so ensure you have sufficient data allowance before you go to air! 

Setting up webmail on adventist.org.au

To access adventist.org.au mail navigate to webmail.adventist.org.au, and enter your first and last names together as one word eg. Firstnamelastname. Your password will have been provided to you by your Conference office staff. To access your adventist.org.au mail from within your mail program (eg. Mail/ Outlook), set up and exchange account and enter your username and password as required. The outgoing mail serveris to be entered as smtp.adventist.org.au. Once these few steps have been completed, you should be able to access your adventist.org.au mail from within your email program.

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