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Family & Parenting Resources

Family and Parenting Resources

Below are resources designed to help parents in helping their children become life-long followers of Jesus. They may be used or adapted for not-for-profit use on condition that the original meaning of the booklet is preserved and the author is acknowledged.

2012 Faith 2 Go Cover

2012 Faith 2 Go - Serving

2012 Family and Technology booklet text

2012 Family and Technology Cover

2012 Intergenerational Worship Tips for Families

2012 It Takes a Family

Children Healthy Churches For Children

D6 Booklet with cover pages

Dedication Certificate

Delightful Day - Sabbath

Group Discussion Guide - The Minister's Family

A Collision of Faith Home - School - Church

Collaborate Home and Church

Home Grown overview

HomeGrown - Church Implementation Guide

Intergenerational Worship Tips for Pastors

Ministering to children of Divorce

Ministering to children of Divorce

Ministry to young families

My Book of Hope

Overview - Think Orange

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity with cover pages

Partnering with Parents Cover

Partnering with Parents

Positive Behaviour Management

Reducing the impact of childhood sexualisation with cover pages

Shaping Lifelong Faith booklet

The DNA of Spiritual Champions with cover pages

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