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Tasmanian Conference

TASC Website: tas.adventist.org.au

We are a people who are passionately in love with God and strive to live for Him and for others in the best way we know how. We are enthusiastic about studying the Bible, for in its pages we come to know God better, and gain counsel on how to have a happy and fulfilling life. We meet together every week on the seventh-day Sabbath (hence the first part of our name) to worship and fellowship, and we love it when new folk come and join with us. We are excited because we believe that Jesus is soon going to come back to earth and take us up to Heaven to live with Him (hence the second part of our name). While we eagerly anticipate that event, we want to share this great news with as many Tasmanians as possible, to give them hope and encouragement amid the doom and gloom around us.

We feel really privileged to have the promises of the Bible and so it is our vision to continue to “know, experience and share our hope in Jesus Christ” until He comes!