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Using the Filter Feature (For Adminstrators and Ministerial Secretaries)

Replacing the Ministry Call books, Profile and Preferences can now be entered online, and to keep things simple they have now been integrated within the MD Portal. This will allow Ministry Leaders a simple way of updating their Profile and Preferences, make them available to Administrative teams (AUC and NZPUC) in real-time, and remove the handling and postage. This page is for Administrative teams to learn how to use the Filter Feature.

Training Videos:

Those with authorisation to use the Filter Feature include Union and Conference Presidents, Secretaries, Ministerial Secretaries (exceptions to this may be made by the AUC Ministerial Secretary. By using the portal, administrative users commit to using the information in accordance with the strictest adherence to established privacy protocols, and our privacy policy.

If you require more information or are unable to access the filter feature within your portal, revisit the training videos at aucministerial.org/profile or contact us at support@md.adventist.org.au

This is a collaborative project between the AUC Secretariat and the AUC Ministerial Association for the benefit Ministry Leaders. © 2019 Copyright AUC Ministerial Association, Seventh-day Adventist Church (Australian Union Conference) Ltd.