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18 Oct 2016

5 Tips for Building Empowering Leadership Teams

(NCD Toolbox, Empowering Leadership) When building a leadership team or board there are many different aspects to think through that can either lead you towards fulfilling God’s vision for the church community or hinder it. We need to be mindful that we want to intentionally fill ministry positions with the right leader rather than just...
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22 Aug 2016

Cultivating Loving Relationships

NCD TOOLBOX (LOVING RELATIONSHIPS) “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35. How loving is your church? As a leader would you describe it as a loving community of people? as we read in John 13:35, Loving one another is critical if we are to truly...
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20 Jan 2015

Ideas to Reach Your Community

You may be looking for an outreach idea to undertake with a church community, small group, group of friends, leadership team, or even just yourself wanting where you can share your faith and the love of Jesus in a relevant way. Sometimes we don’t realise that it can be something so small that can have...
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