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Resource – The Bumpy Road to a Theology of Salvation

From the extreme bookend salvation theologies of Pelagius and Augustine in the 4th and 5th Centuries to protestant reformers, and on to Adventist Soteriology, the doctrine of how we are saved has developed over time. How do we understand Sola Deo Gloria as Adventists? What did Adam’s sin do to human nature? and what is our role in salvation if we are totally depraved AND YET believe in the free will to choose or reject salvation? What do Catholics believe about salvation and what do the terms monergism, synergism and ontological grace mean? This presentation outlines in simple-to-understand slides, how Adventists understand salvation and helps the reader draw conclusions between various Adventist issues, none of which are new. Ellen White’s Steps to Christ shines as a masterpiece on salvation, walking the line between predestination on the one side, and legalism on the other. These meetings were abbreviated to fit into 7 presentations at the SQC Ministers’ meetings at the Log Cabin in February 2020.

Author: Dr Darius Jankiewicz, SPD Field Secretary and Ministerial Association Secretary.

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