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ICLD Leadership Resources

ICLD Leadership Resources

Below are Institute of Church Leadership Development (ICLD) resources designed to assist leaders. They may be used or adapted for not-for-profit use on condition that the original meaning of the booklet is preserved and the author is acknowledged.

ICLD Planning

ICLD Shaping and Casting Vision

ICLD What Drives Us

ICLD Vision

ICLD Ideas for Leading More Effective Meetings

ICLD Leading Change - Part 1

ICLD Leading Change - Part 2

ICLD Leading Effective Boards

ICLD Leading People Who Don’t Want To Follow

ICLD Sermon Preparation & Presentation

ICLD Transitioning Church Culture

ICLD Working With Your Leadership Team

ICLD Growing through Conflict and Crisis

ICLD Healthy Churches Discussion Document (Vision, Size Transitions, Evangelism)

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