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20 Jan 2015

Ideas to Reach Mums

To many they are the rock, the constant support when times when the pressure is on, they are there through the school years and are still there when you move out of the nest seeking all life has to offer. Better still they are still there when we need someone to baby sit the kids when we begin a family of our own or when the day is just well “one of those days” they are just a phone call away. Yes Mums are very special people.

So have you ever thought about sharing the love of Jesus with the Mums in your community? There are many ways you can connect with the mums around you and your church, take a look below and try some of these out!

  • Give away Timeout or Boost bars along with a connect card. Include in the connect card something along the lines of this is our way to say thanks for what you do as a mother.
  • Orgnanise a Mothers day morning tea in your street or at your church inviting all mums and families to come along. These are great ways to connect and build relationships.
  • Serve a Mum project – organise the children in your church to serve Mums in the community. Be sure safe procedures are followed but this could include weeding and cleaning gardens, painting or any other light work related service.
  • Mums Pamper party – invite all the mums to your house for a pamper party. You might know a hairdresser, masseuse while other mums you know do some nail filing and polish. It can be lots of fun and a great way to connect with the mums around you.
  • Mums night in – organise a movie night or afternoon for the Mums in your street or around you church, inviting them to come and enjoy a Movie on you.
  • Purchase some shopping vouchers from the local shopping centre and deliver to the mums in your street or around your church and include a connect card about having some retail therapy on us!!
  • Organise with your local coffee shop to give away free coffee on you or your church for a certain period of time. You will be surprised what effect this kind gesture can have.
  • Make muffins and take to Mums in your street along with a hot drink satchel and connect card
  • Go to the doors and give away free potted flowers e.g. Geraniums along with a weather proof sign (connect card of who it is from). Alternatively you might give away bulbs and offer to plant them for the home owner in an area of their choice.


NOTE: Be sure to include connect cards with any outreach event you may do, this should include the name, address and phone number of you or your church.


For assistance in regards to any of the ideas or for connect card samples please contact the Personal Ministries Department by calling (07) 3218 7777 or email gregpratt@adventist.org.au



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  1. Helen Threlfo

    Great ideas for any individual or church to follow. It would be an ideal project for a local church Women’s Ministry to undertake. Thanks Greg….I look forward to more of your articles.

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