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2015 SQC Ministers’ Meetings – Camp Somerset

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Dr Trafford Fischer

AUDIO - Till the Church Do Us Part. Research and Insights into the Tensions faced by Pastor and Pastoral Family regarding the Promiscuous Profession of the Pastorate.

PDF - Till the Church Do Us Part

AUDIO Presentation 2 - Fighting for Love. Research and insights into the Marriage Relationship and the Connection between how we treat each other and what's really going on behind the scenes

PDF Presentation 2 - Fighting for Love

Dr Brendan Pratt & Dr Branimir Schubert

AUDIO Presentation 1 - Pastoral Competencies

AUDIO Presentation 2 - Excellence in Ministry

SUM Talk Presentations AUDIO (Videos available here)

Andy Litchfield - Transforming Communities through Unity

Wes Tolhurst - The Forgotten Gospel

Zeny Vidacak - Make Room for the Spirit in Evangelism

Gideon Okesene - The Professional Lover