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Natural Church Development


A Step by Step Guide To Undertaking an NCD Survey in Your Church

(Process for South Queensland Churches Only)

The South Queensland Conference is intentional about building healthy church communities and we will do all we can to assist and support all churches within our conference on that journey towards health and growth. Below is a step by step guide to assist ministers to implement the NCD process in their church(es). We have sought to make the process as easy as possible and the conference will also fund the costs of taking the NCD survey as we want to assist every church in becoming a healthy, vibrant and growing community for Jesus.

  • Contact Susan Hensley (Personal Ministry PA) to set up an NCD account for you if you do not already have one. Call Susan in the office on 07 32187777 or susanhensley@adventist.org.au)
  • Once your account has been set up go to http://ncdchurchsurvey.org/
    • Fill out the Facilitators Survey. Please take care when answering question 38. If it is the church’s first survey the answer is 1. If you are unsure of how many surveys the church has completed please contact Susan. We need this to be accurate as it will show on the final report
    • Login with the password that you have been sent and then go to ‘Start a Survey’. Here you have the option of sending out online requests for your church members to conduct the survey. It is recommended that you send out approximately 30 surveys. The church members will then complete the survey on line. You can also send reminders to participants if need be.
    • If your church members are not able to complete the survey online then you can down load the ‘Participants Form’ and they can complete a hard copy. Please note that if you need to do the surveys this way you will also need to allow around 3 hours to input the data into the system when you receive it back. This can be done by yourself or any willing church member
  • Once you have received the surveys back (and the data has been entered into the system if your church used hard copies) then contact Susan and give her your password and she will arrange to have tokens issued to your account and produce the NCD report for you. You do not need to send any tokens request or worry about that side of the process.
  • You will then be contacted by Susan to say that the report is ready and an appointment will be made for you to review the results with Greg and begin the consultation process with the church
  • If you have any questions at any time please contact Susan