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Core Competencies (CC)

CC1.1 Deciding and initiating action

CC1.2 Leading and supervising

CC2.1 Working with people

CC2.2 Adhering to principles and values

CC3.1 Relating and networking

CC3.2 Persuading and influencing

CC3.3 Presenting and Communicating

CC4.1 Writing and reporting

CC4.2 Applying expertise and technology

CC4.3 Analysing

CC5.1 Learning and researching

CC5.2 Creating and Innovating

CC5.3 Formulating Strategies and Concepts

CC6.1 Planning and Organising

CC6.2 Delivering Results and meeting individuals expectations

CC6.3 Following instructions and procedures

CC7.1 Adapting and responding to change

CC7.2 Coping with pressure and setbacks

CC8.1 Achieving personal work goals and objectives

CC8.2 Entrepreneurial and Commercial Thinking