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20 Jan 2015

Ideas to Reach the Sick in Your Community

Jesus spent a great deal of time reaching out to people who were sick, he mingled with them, met their needs and encouraged them to follow Him. We can do the same as well, while we may not have the experience, knowledge or qualifications of a Nurse or Doctor we can still share the love of Jesus with the sick in practical ways that show love, support and care.

So why not take up the opportunity and share with the sick around you by trying some of these ideas in your community.

  • Take flowers to them. A bunch of freshly cut flowers can make their day and cheer their heart, especially if they are not feeling well.
  • Give them free potted flowers e.g. Geraniums along with a connect card of who it is from). Alternatively you might give away bulbs and offer to plant them for the home owner in an area of their choice if they are home and of poor health.
  • Just visit with a card and Bible verse. Letting them know how much you care can go along way to forming a friendship and building a lasting connection with them.
  • Do a front and even backyard blitz of their house if it is overgrown, if they are home they will be blown away by your kindness and love showed towards them in their time of need.
  • Ask the hospital if you can come and give out balloons, flowers, pens, writing pads and the like etc. This can be a fun way to share the love of Jesus and bringing some cheer.
  • Make up a survival kit and include things like time out bars, pens, crosswords, pad, little pack of tissues etc and deliver to the houses of those you know are sick or take them to the hospital. Again be sure to ask the hospital for permission to do this.
  • Create a prayer card and deliver it to them letting them know you are praying for them
  • Offer to do their shopping or take them shopping if they are house bound. It is a great way to spend time together and also connect. Better still buy them a free cup of coffee or hot drink while you are out.
  • Buy them the daily/Sunday paper at no charge to them. Better still purchase some magazines you know are of interest to them.
  • Buy a boost bar with a linking message on a connect card along the line of we hope this gives you a little boost towards feeling better again, know you are in our prayer from your friends…
  • If you are going to visit children in hospital a little stuffed toy can cheer them up and be a lasting memory for them or someone who bothered to share the love of Jesus with them.
  • Cook them some food if they are in hospital or have some complication that they are not very active. This will make their day! Don’t have time to cook, why not order Pizza or something similar and enjoy dinner together with them. Yes it’s simple but it’s a great time to connect and build your friendship.
  • Hire a movie and watch it with them, a little bit of company can mean the world to someone who is unwell.


NOTE: Be sure to include connect cards with any outreach event you may do, this should include the name, address and phone number of you or your church.


For assistance in regards to any of the ideas or for connect card samples please contact the Personal Ministries Department by calling (07) 3218 7777 or email gregpratt@adventist.org.au

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