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20 Feb 2015

Makes Time for ‘Us’ in Your Calendar

Submitted by Helen Threlfo, SQC Women’s Ministry Director

We all seem to be living in increasingly busy and disconnected households.  Schedules, friends, work, church all have a voice and sometimes they drown out the voice of those that we treasure in our lives.

Does it feel impossible for you and your spouse to find time to get away or even have a short break?  Or if you try, do you find more often than not that a “need” has hijacked your time together.

One of the ways that my husband Glen and I have found to address this, is that when life hits the crazy space, we get out our calendars, and mark off a weekend.  It may be several weeks away but somehow having that locked in, gives us pleasure and a shared delight as we look forward to it together.

It also gives us a legitimate reason when we are making plans with people.  We say “ Sorry, we have an appointment that weekend.”  We’ve found it wise to frame it in these terms, as sometimes people find a reason to try and talk you out of taking your break .

You do have an appointment with the health of your marriage.  When we stay happy and connected in our marriage, everyone wins – including those we minister to.

It also reminds us, our family, church and community that God knew what he was doing for our happiness and well being when he created this idea.

So.. pull out your calendar now and make time for your spouse. Lock in some ‘Us’ time today!



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