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2015 Bible Conference – Recapturing the Big Picture

Bible Conference Speakers

(Left-Right: Incoming SPD Field Secretary Dr Graeme Humble, Dr John Reeve, Dr Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Dr Gil Valentine, Dr George Knight, Dr Kwabena Donkor, Dr Darius Jankiewicz and Outgoing SPD Field Secretary Dr David Tasker)

2015 Bible Conference

Goals of the Conference Were:

1. Providing a safe environment that encourages dialogue
2. Affirming what we stand for as a church in the 21st century
3. Suggesting a big picture, positive, non-apologetic re-visioning of Adventism and its unique mission to the world
4. Placing previous controversies in context for the younger generation of pastors
5. Providing a way forward for older ministers hurt by previous controversies
6. A SWOT analysis – what are our real strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? What are we missing?

General Topic Areas Included:

1. The big picture of a world lost in sin, the Great Commission, and how Scripture still speaks to the Church
2. The big picture of the NT and Bible prophecy
3. The Apocalyptic Vision and Adventist Mission (is there room for Apocalyptic in today’s Adventist Church?)
4. The Investigative Judgement and the Gospel
5. The Rehabilitation of Ellen White (how inerrant does she have to be before she is accepted as a genuine prophet?)
6. How to handle the tension between being accepted by Evangelicalism and being unique
7. The growing challenge of spiritism and the occult

Presentations/ Manuscripts provided by Speakers:

Dr John Reeve

Trinity in Three Stages - Powerpoint Presentation

Dr Kendra Haloviak Valentine
Dr Gil Valentine

Assessing the Legacy of Ellen White - One Hundred Years on.

Trinity Article 02 09 14 - MS Word Document

Presentation Talk 3 Clearer Views of Jesus 02 03 15 - Powerpoint Presentation

Gil Valentines Questions - Keynote Presentation

G Knight Questions - Powerpoint Presentation

Dr George Knight

G Knight Questions - Keynote Presentation

G Knight Questions - Powerpoint Presentation

Dr Kwabena Donkor

Spiritism - Powerpoint Presentation

Dr Darius Jankiewicz

1 Salvation and Investigative Judgment - Dairus.key

2 Salvation and Investigative Judgment 2 - Keynote Presentation

3 Salvation and Investigative Judgment 3 - Keynote Presentation

Dr David Tasker

Tasker Opening Address - Keynote Presentation

Recapturing the Big Picture - Powerpoint Presentation